College Football Just Got Real Interesting (Again)

A really interesting day of college football in Week 11 with LSU beating Alabama convincingly on their home turf in Tuscaloosa. All with President Trump and his wife Melania in attendance. Then, Minnesota upset previously unbeaten Penn State.

So now, most college football analysts feel that the new College Football Playoff Rankings will come out like this on Tuesday:

  1. LSU 9-0
  2. Ohio State 9-0
  3. Clemson 10-0
  4. Alabama 8-1

Imagine if these rankings hold up the rest of the way. It would mean a rematch of LSU vs Alabama that we wouldn’t see in an SEC Championship game since they are both from the same SEC West division.

Overall, crazier things have happened but I really don’t foresee any big changes in the order of the rankings. All these teams should take care of business the rest of the way and in their conference championship games. But college football has taught me never be too sure of the “sure thing”

Alabama still has to go to Auburn at the end of the year and win in a big rivalry game. Alabama should win that game but rivalry games often produce surprises. Unfortunately for the Big 12 conference, as it always seems to be, a one loss SEC team will trump a one loss Big 12 champion. Oklahoma blew it when they lost to Kansas State.

At any rate, the 2020 college football playoffs should be outstanding again this year. It will be very interesting to see how all this plays out.

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