Blue Monday. Why Mondays are just Mondays now

I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s. Back before you had a gillion cable channels dedicated to sports news and sports programming. Back before the Internet and cellphones where you could check box scores and get live up-to-date standings.

As a NFL football fan, I used to love Mondays and always looked forward them. Why? The Monday morning newspaper so that I could check the box scores. Then later that same evening, gather around the tube with my Dad to watch Monday Night Football. The big marquee event in the NFL with the top broadcasters and commentators.


Mondays used to be one of my favorite days of the week during the football season. Not anymore. Have you paid any attention this year to the Monday Night Football match-ups? They usually match two so-so or bad teams. Sadly, Monday Night Football’s only real value now nationally is as a single event for sports bettors, betting on an otherwise crappy game to make it more interesting.

The bottom line: Sunday Night Football has replaced most everything that Monday Night Football used to be.

Monday Night Football used to be the “primo” event, the showcase event for the NFL and football fans used to build their whole day around it. We watched the game and looked forward to the weekend recap of all the other NFL games during halftime. It was well done and helped build the NFL into what it has become today.

I would love to return to the day when Monday Night Football really meant something. When Monday Night Football had great match-ups. When Monday Night Football had broadcasters who added entertainment value to a broadcast instead of making me cringe.


Yes, I remember that we used to complain at times about “motormouth” Howard Cosell. But with today broadcasters (Joe Buck and Booger McFarland), I’d bring Howard Cosell back from the dead in a heartbeat if I could. Howard Cosell did his homework and knew how to properly hype a sporting event.

Unfortunately for those of us who experienced Monday Night Football and all it meant back in the 1970s, Mondays and now just Blue Mondays.

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