Ranking the new XFL uniforms

The XFL had their uniform reveal yesterday for all eight teams. I must say that I was very impressed with the overall quality and design as a whole. These uniforms are much better than the original XFL uniforms or the ones they had in the Alliance of American Football league earlier this year.

Overall, I was excited about this league before the uniform reveal and even more so now. There may be bad football teams but there is no such thing as bad football. Now we will have more football to watch after the Super Bowl is over. The league opens play on Saturday February 8th and games will be televised on ABC, ESPN, Fox and Fox Sports 1. Below are schedules for the first three weeks.

Now onto my uniform rankings. Note that you can click on each to get an expanded view on Twitter:

#1 – Dallas Renegades – I love the logo, helmet design and color scheme. It is very attractive and a lot better than a number of NFL teams current uniforms. I have a feeling that this team will be the most popular in the XFL nationally.

#2 – New York Guardians – I think the Guardians have the best logo and I totally love the black and red color scheme. This one finished a very close second.

#3 – Houston Roughnecks – This one surprised me and turned out much better than I envisioned. I love the silver helmets.

#4 – St Louis Battlehawks – I must admit that I was a bit disappointed in how these came out. I had higher than normal expectations since these since this team is the closest to me geographically. I like them but felt that the wing logo on the side of the helmet seemed too large. Perhaps it will grow on me over time.

#5 – Seattle Dragons – I like the dragon logo on the white helmet because it really stands out. The color scheme I am not overly fond of but it fits.

#6 – Los Angeles Wildcats – I am not a real big fan of this color scheme but I don’t think it is bad either. These may grow on me over time. I like the fact that it attempts to be different. The road white uniforms need black pants.

#7 – Tampa Bay Vipers – I am not a fan of the green and yellow color scheme but hey, it is different. I would have preferred to see an actual viper on the helmet and the V logo placed on the upper arm area of the uniform.

#8 – DC Defenders – I like the logo but just feel that this red and white color scheme is a bit boring. They needed to add in a third color. Add some black accent trim and I probably would have bumped it up to 5th or 6th.

As I stated earlier, I really like these as a whole. I don’t feel that any of them are bad. The Alliance of American Football league had some really ugly or strange uniform designs in comparison. Now, tell me what you think by commenting below. I would love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions on how you think these could be improved.

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